Re: Problems viewing .pdf etc... over secure https:\\ pages

From: Chris Butler - Network Manager (
Date: 11/27/03

Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 15:40:35 -0800


The error we get when we click on the required document

"Unable to download "**DOCUMENT**" the requested file is
not available, please try later"
We get this after logging into to the secure area, going
into the intranet, and selecting the required document I
want to view.

Regarding permissions, I have tried this as administrator,
and has the same error message - All the document files
have "Everyone" on the permissions.

The docs are pdf, xls and docs, I have all the software to
view these files.

I am the Syetem Administrator, so have full access to the

Regarding the last bit about firewalls etc, I also have an
server running on my site hosting my internet - there are
also documents on this server which is accesable by the
world - as I am not using https:// on this, I can access
all the required documents without any problems.

You said it was not a IIS problem, but if I mention that
the intranet site has been set within a virtual directory,
so it can be accessed via this secure link, does this make
things any clearer, or just confuses the matter. IIS is
running on a W2K server - not long had it installed, just
getting to grips of what to do.

Many Thanks

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>On Wed, 26 Nov 2003 08:35:40 -0800, "Chris Butler -
Network Manager"
><> wrote:
>>Hi List,
>>Will try to make things a bit clearer -
>>Have an intranet available on my LAN - this has lots of
>>documents on it, .doc, .xls, .pdf etc etc
>>I am able to access this intranet from home on a secure
>>login. Why is it that when I am connected via https:/ I
>>am unable to view any of the above documents - is this
>>across the board with https, or am I missing a setting.
>It's not an IIS issue, but if you're logging in the
account may not
>have permission to those files or folders.
>But again, you aren't providing any useful details. You
say "unable
>to view" but there is no error message that the system
will produce by
>that name. Tell us the exact error you see, and exactly
what you're
>doing when you see it.
>For example, any PDF document requires Acrobat reader to
view. If you
>haven't installed the reader, you can't view it. But you
could mean
>that you can't see the document to click on, that you
click on it but
>it asks you to download it, that you click on it and an
error appears
>or anythuing else. All of which are different problems
with different
>Also, if you're not the administrator of the intranet,
contact the
>administrator and ask. They would know the settings in
place on your
>system. It may be that requests for PDF files are
blocked by a
>firewall, security policy or ISAPI filter such as URLScan.
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>>>On Wed, 26 Nov 2003 02:28:46 -0800, "Richard sahonta"
>>><> wrote:
>>>>I am the network technician at a school and we cannot
>>>>pdf files. We receive a Microsoft Internet explorer
>>>My crystal ball got replaced by a fish bowl last week,
>>I can't see
>>>your error message to help diagnose this.
>>>>The hyperlink
>>>>and .pdf file can be downloaded when viewing the
>>>>internally, however when browsing through RM Easylink
>>>>whether on the LAN or through the web, when we get to
>>>>intranet the hyperlinks and .pdf are unavailable.
>>>This points to IIS working correctly, and "RM Easylink"
>>being the
>>>culprit. Although the reason for this could be that
>>anytime someone
>>>tries to access them outside the intranet, someone
>>the intranet
>>>deletes them. An actual description, error message or
>>the like might
>>>help pin it down better.
>>>>anyone be able to advise me if they have encountered
>>>>problem and whether this is a problem that has
>>>>to do with web dav.
>>>Last time I ran into the problem of not being able to
>>view PDF files
>>>it was because I had my eyes closed. It's probably not
>>the same issue
>>>you're facing, but from your description it could be.
>>Might try
>>>telling your users to open their eyes.
>>>Or try posting enough detail that we can actually help
>>instead of
>>>posting stupid replies like mine.