Re: IIS 5.0 can't handle multiple request at the same time with the same Web site(Application)?

From: Michael G. Schneider (
Date: 11/22/03

Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 19:23:04 +0100

"PL" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

I am not sure, whether Rayman did a correct test. Neither did I try to
reproduce his findings. But I cannot understand your arguments against his

> What machine ? If you have single cpu there is no way any
> webserver can handle two requests at the exact same time.

This is what threads are good for. An IIS manages a pool of threads. Each
incoming request is assigned to one thread. And all threads should run
independently. So of course, the webserver can handle two requests at the
same time.

> And, what makes you think you were able to request at the exact same
> time ? You need a stress test application for that, you cant just open two
> webbrowsers and imagine that you are fast enough to make two
> simulataneous requests.
> Also, you can hardly get accurate timings with using Now, it only goes
> down to seconds.

Here handling one request lasts for about 35 seconds. In this special case,
the Now-function is a perfect tool for measuring. If I read the data
correctly, the first request ends at exactly the same time, that the second
request starts. So the scenario is as follows...

- first request is handled
- 35 seconds calculation time
- first request is finished
- second request is handled
- 35 seconds calculation time
- second request is finished

I do not see a reason, why Now shouldn't be usable in this case.

Rayman, if you want to do some more test, stay with your scenario, but
change the loop. Do something more usefull inside the loop. For example read
a big textfile a couple of times. However, take care of file locking - read
two different files. Then have a look, whether the two requests are handled
at the same time.

Michael G. Schneider