Re: setting up one ssl website that houses mulitple websites with only port numbers

From: Jerry III (
Date: 11/12/03

Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 01:02:14 -0800

Well, you just set it up, as long as they're setup as different web sites in
IIS. Just right click the web site you want to enable in ISM and set it up
with SSL. But I just had a thought - you may have to disable connection
pooling, otherwise IIS listens on all IP addresses even though they're not
setup, I'm not sure if it does that for SSL too but if it does then just
lookup connection pooling in KB.


"krovn" <> wrote in message
> "Jerry III" <> wrote in message
> > I don't understand the question - you can assign a certificate to a
> > web site, it does not affect other sites setup on the box. That is the
> > combination of ip/port has to be unique, you can't use host headers
> > (multiple web sites on a single ip/port combination) with SSL.
> >
> > So what exactly are you trying to do?
> I am trying to setup ssl for one website that houses mulitple
> non-secure websites. The way that its setup on the web server,
> everything done through port number for example http://Krovn:90 is one
> website, another is Krovn:92 is another. My question is how can I make
> krovn:90 a secured website without add an ip address just on the port
> number and not effecting every website on the webserver.
> >
> > Jerry
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> > > HI
> > >
> > > I am working on an NT server/iis 4.0, I am trying to install a
> > > certificate for one website. However on this server it houses multiple
> > > websites that do not have assigned ipaddress in iis but instead port
> > > numbers. For example internal server http://krugger:90. When I follow
> > > instructions that someone gave me it is at the root level not at the
> > > server level. I assign the port number , but leave the ip address
> > > unassigned. The whole webserver becomes SSL enabled, I do not want
> > > that. I want to setup one virtual directory(website) with ssl. I want
> > > to be able to select the other websites on the server with the normal
> > > http not https. How do I install the certificate for one website
> > > without effecting the entire webserver? Thanks Matt