Getting perl to work under IIS6......(again)

From: Al Blake (
Date: 11/11/03

Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 22:55:45 +1100

Yes I have read the online help ;) and now I am even more confused....I am
moving our mrtg perl app from a server running IIS5 to a server running
IIS6. I have:

a) Copied all the source files across
b) Installed Perl and RRD library
c) Checked that the mrtg perl runs from the command line on the new box
d) Created the cgi-bin directory and put the .pl scripts in it
e) Checked that the perl mappings are on the IIS6 box.

When I try to go to the perl page through the IIS6 box using a URL like
I get a 404 - file not found.

I *know* this is omething to do with the difference in security between IIS5
& 6 but I cant work out what I need to do to make it work. Can someone
explain simply?
a) Do I need to allow execute permissions @ the NTFS level on the:
    1. Perl bin directory
    2. the cgi-bin directory
b) The help talks about flagging something as a 'script engine' - but where
and how? I assume that this means the perl.exe should be flagged as a script
engine - but where do I do this in the IIS MMC tool?

Any other issues?
Al Blake, Australia