Intranet application

From: Agus (
Date: 11/05/03

Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 12:46:10 -0800


I am configuring a intranet application, here is the logic
1- When the user hits the site, authentication is required, and we are using their windows user.
2-A query is then run depending on the user. A menu of items the user can do are displasyed. This step works and we know then that the user is authenticated to IIS.
2-After the user is presented with his menu items, he will click on any of them and that will generate a request to an application server to generate a Crystal report, that crystal report is then exports the report to PDF and copies it to IIS c: and then displayed by the browser.

Our problem occurs when the user clicks on a any of the menu items, my guess is that the credentials are not passed or are not valid for the other server wich is Windows NT and IIS is windows 2003 and the version of IIS is 6.