Re: problem with urlscan filter

From: Jeff Cochran (
Date: 09/30/03

Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 13:48:56 GMT

On Mon, 29 Sep 2003 14:59:43 +0200, "Luciano Talarico"
<> wrote:

>Hello to all,
> I have this problem, on my production server (Win2K server SP4, IIS5 +
>IISLockdown and urlscan) i create a virtual site for web site statics
>( on this virtual site i would like to pubblish
>the website statics for my customer
>to do this I have modified the urlscan.ini to permite directories with .
>before i do this I sow 404 error.
>After few weeks i create a folder for my customer that own a .com and I have
>the same problem (404) and in the urlscanlog i dont understand what it wants
>Sorry my english, i try to resume the problem
> work correctly
> do not work
> work correctly

There are plenty of reasons why it's bad to name a folder with an
executable extension in Windows, and your best courtse of action is
not to use .COM, .EXE, .VBS, etc. in folder names. Better still is
not to use dotted folder names. If you're publishing statistics,
there's no reason to name the folder with the domain name, it could be
anything. Traditional would be something like "webstats" or the like,
under the customer's domain, but if you must do it your way then don't
use the dots in the names. Use hyphens, such as or even just the domain name, as in