Re: another IIS Authentication

From: Tom Kaminski [MVP] ((A_at_T))
Date: 09/15/03

Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 12:16:58 -0400

"Brad" <> wrote in message
> I have a IIS server that is NOT on our corporate domain.
> I have half the users on workstations logging in to the
> domain, the other half logging in to thier computers
> locally (outside of the domain). ALL users have a domain
> userId. SOME users connect to the IIS server through
> various shares (it doubles as a file server). All users
> should be using IE 5+.
> I have IIS set to NO anonymous/Windows Integrated
> directory security. Bear in mind that within the next 6
> months we expect to have ALL users (just the users)
> logging in to the domain rather then thier local PC's.
> I ALWAYS want to request the userId and pwd and
> authenticate against the DOMAIN(remember IIS server not on
> domain).
> But it only tries to authenticate against the IIS
> server, NOT the domain, regardless of what I put in the
> pop-up for domain.
> So how do I authenticate against the DOMAIN only?

If the server is not on your corporate domain then you can't authenticate
against the corporate domain.

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