Auth. dialog pops up for ISAPI DLL on IIS 6.0 (Win 2003)

From: GK (
Date: 09/11/03

Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 17:32:27 +0100

Hi All,
             We're trying to migrate to IIS 6.0 from IIS 5.0. We have an
ISAPI DLL which is used to serve dynamic images. After moving to IIS6.0, I
got 404 error which I have fixed by adding this DLL to Web service
extensions list and enabling it.
The directory that contains the DLL has script and execute permissions on

For some reason I get an authentication dialog box everytime I try to access
this DLL,thro' my browser.

Is it because IUSR account does not have priviliges to exceute EXE's and
DLL's? If so could anyone tell me whats the most secure way to fix this
problem? Or is it some other problem?

thanks for your time.

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