Re: New post: Integrated Windows Authentication for remote users

From: Ken Schaefer (
Date: 08/25/03

Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 12:12:02 +1000

Is there a proxy between the users and your webserver? Maybe the proxy is
generating the error? Also, IWA doesn't work through some proxies.


"sharky" <> wrote in message
: I am using Integrated Windows Authentication to protect a directory on a
: server. All clients connect and authenticate using MSIE using W2k or
: It works fine inside my LAN, and on some other places outside my LAN, but
: some computers when I connect to the password protected directory (still
: using MSIE), I simply get; "Error. Access Denied". These users can connect
: to the main web server just fine- they only get this error when they try
: access that particular directory.
: The error is not coming from my customized error pages, and the user does
: not get a Windows password prompt. Just the error. There are no access
: priveliges denied on the web server or on the firewall to this web server
: directory.
: Does anyone know if this is a client-side or server-side issue, or if
: is a way to fix this for my users?
: Thanks in advance for suggestions/solutions.
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: I apoligize if this post showed up multiple times. I found that I was
: the same subject line as a previous post and that prevented it from being
: viewed properly.

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