HTTP service stops on IIS 5.0

From: Desmond (
Date: 08/19/03

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    Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 20:56:41 -0700

    There are many reasons that may cause the iis to stop.

    Did you recall doing anything to the server recently? It
    may help shed some lights to the cause

    If you are running web apps in the server, try to isolate
    the problem by configuring application protection to high
    (isolate) one by one for each suspicious app that may be
    the cause.

    >-----Original Message-----
    >Dear SIr
    >We have installed windows advenced server 2000 with SP3.
    >It was working fine all this days. today onwords HTTP
    >service stops every 10 mints.
    > can you help some one for me
    >many Thnask

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