Reminder: Securing IIS 6.0 Webcast by Security PM

From: chrisad (
Date: 08/14/03

Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 15:53:06 -0700

Hello ~

This is a reminder that a webcast will be delivered at 9:30 PST tomorrow,
August 14th, that tackles the tough topic of security. The goal is for you
to have access to the Security Program Manager - Vikas Malhotra - for IIS
and learn the many ways that security was tightened in IIS 6.0.

IIS 6.0 is a completely re-designed version, and do not miss the
opportuntity to learn from the IIS Security PM. If you aren't registered,
jump to this URL and join Vik and a Developer as they present: Securing
Internet Information Services 6.0.


~Chris (MSFT)
IIS Supportability Lead
Provided As-Is.

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