Integrated Authentication

From: Kevin Jackson (
Date: 08/06/03

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    Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 16:52:50 -0500

    I'm using a third party upload component called ASPUpload to upload files
    with IIS 6.0.

    I've turned anonymous access off.

    Using Integrated Authentication or Basic Authentication, I can upload a file
    and save it to the local hard drive.

    Now I want to save the file from the ASP page to a share point.

    >From a browser logged in as a user that has access to this share point I use
    basic authentication and login and the file is saved to the share point.
    The ASP ran in the context of the user I typed in which is the user the
    machine is logged into anyway.

    If I switch to Integrated Authentication, the browser doesn't prompt me for
    username and password as one would expect but I get a 500 back when
    ASPUpload attempts to write to the share point (UNC form)

    If I change the path back to a local drive, the file is copied.

    I'm within an intranet and I would assume my credentials would be

    Why does this work with basic but not Integrated? Any ideas?


    Kevin Jackson

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