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Date: 06/29/03

Date: 29 Jun 2003 05:40:26 -0700


I was having this same problem after I installed AdsGone ad blocking
software. The way the software works is it redirects web requests to
the addresses listed in the HOSTS file on your computer. If you open
the HOSTS file you will see the address of the blocked site preceded
by a is your PC. What this HOSTS entry is
saying is when a request is made for a given site just reroute that
request to my PC. In other words, don't bug me. Apparently got wise to the ads blocking scheme and wrote their popup
so that it wants a user id and password. So when you reroute the
request to you own PC, the ad says "OK smart guy, since you want to go
to your PC, what's the user id and password".

What I did to get around this is to create a new user that only has
access to a single empty directory. I named my user "Limited" and the
new directory "c:\Popup". The Popup user was a member of the
"Everyone" group by default. I removed the "Everyone" access and gave
it the "Limited" access. It might seem easier just to feed the prompt
your currect User Id/Password, but it's possible that a disreputable
company or a hacker could use this type of prompting scheme to get
into you computer in the future. So it's really much more safe to
create a new limted access account.

The next time you hit the User ID/Password prompt, just
key in the new user ID you created earlier and the password you gave
that user. Then click the checkbox to save the password in the future
and hit OK. Bye, bye prompt!

Hope this works for you.


"Pat Burney" <> wrote in message news:<024001c327bd$620bf980$a101280a@phx.gbl>...
> How do I stop the error message for I do not have
> permission to access the web site
> and
> How do I stop the pop up wanting my password
> when reading continuing articles on yahoo news?
> Thanks for your help