Intermittent access to web site secured with Windows authentication

From: Marcus Crowley (
Date: 06/17/03

Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 22:55:27 +0800

Hi all,

I've searched the Web (MS, Google, Raging) and browsed this newsgroup
without success for a problem which has been ongoing for two months:

The site is our intranet running on It sits on a
Windows 2000 Server sitting in our office. I can access it from my work PC
running IE6 on Windows 2000 Professional with one login prompt - it uses
Windows authentication - but whenever I try to access it from home, I
usually have trouble. At home I'm running IE6 on Windows XP Professional and
normally get three login prompts and a 401.1 error. Very rarely, I can get
in after multiple login prompts (one for each image / file?). Sometimes - as
just now - I can login then be denied when I refresh the page I'm looking
at. Some of my colleagues have this problem from home but some don't,
eventhough they are running the same browser and Windows XP Home. I can't
figure out why (a) some of us can get in fine and a few of us can't, and (b)
why the problem is intermittent.

I'm running of of ideas... My thought was to check the log files but these
don't even seem to be working properly as we might (successfully) request a
page at 4pm (from a PC in the office) but the latest log file entry is from
earlier in the morning.

Many thanks

Hong Kong

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