Re: Open Port 80?

From: CZ (
Date: 06/16/03

Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 21:22:56 -0700


>> I am using a Microsoft MN-500 wireless router and the whole network is
wireless. The Microsoft MN-500 has a built in firewall but I see no way to
configure much of anything except Port Forwarding, Mac Address filtering and
Client Filtering. I thought that in order for outside access I had to
forward port 80

You do; to get through the NAT in the router, it would have to be port
Verify the router is not doing port forwarding.

>> I have used the IIS lockdown tool and URL scan but it seems that when I
do that I lose the counter that I installed using FrontPage 2000

You have to edit urlscan.ini to have the hit counter work.
Check your log file
This may be the line from my log file: "Request will be rejected. Site
Instance='1', Raw URL='/_vti_bin/fpcount.exe/'"
If so, you need to allow .exe file extensions within the urlscan.ini file.
Reboot server after you make the change.


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