Re: IIS - Unable to manage remotely via MMC after Lockdown tool

From: frank gallagher (
Date: 06/06/03

Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 08:04:39 -0700

I have LOCAL ADMIN, and DOMAIN ADMIN in the domina the
server is a member of. When trying to establish the
connection in the remote MMC I am prompted for a username
and a password. I've tried my user account, the local
admin account for the server in question, and the overall
domain admin account all with no luck.

>-----Original Message-----
>Do you have the local administrator rights ?
>Bernard Cheah
>"frank" <> wrote in message
>> Some time back I ran the lockdown tool and ran in to
>> problems soon after so had to remove the changes.
>> However, one weird change still seems to persist. I am
>> unable to use the MMC to manage my IIS box from another
>> PC. I can only use it at the server console. When I
>> to connect I see a message stating that "You have been
>> denied access to this machine".
>> Any ideas?

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