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Date: 05/20/03

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    Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 17:15:40 +0200

    On 20 May 2003 08:05:08 -0700, fredduc wrote:

    > Hi all,
    > I am using IIS 5.0. I installed ActivePerl and AWStats without
    > problems.
    > Perl is working (I tried the sample from Microsoft Q245225).
    > If I browse to, every number is a
    > ZERO...
    > If I want to refresh my data, this is the error:
    > Error: Couldn't open server log file "C:\WINNT\System32\LogFiles" :
    > Permission denied
    > Setup ('D:\Website\cgi-bin\awstats.conf' file, web server or
    > permissions) may be wrong.
    > See AWStats documentation in 'docs' directory for informations on how
    > to setup awstats.
    > -----------
    > I also have this problem (of course) if I try to update my data from
    > the command line...
    > So this means something with permissions...
    > These are my users:
    > Administrator (default)
    > FTPUser
    > Guest (disabled)
    > Ts_InternetUser (Terminal Services)
    > Can anyone tell me which user(s?) has/have what permissions on these 2
    > directories (from the error message)?
    > I think this is the only problem I have... I used the install docs
    > from ActivePerl and AWStats, but can't find it!
    > Thank you in advance,
    > Fred.

    this seems solvable with AWStats FAQ-SET300:

    PROBLEM: I have the following error:
    "Couldn't open file /workingpath/awstatsmmyyyy.tmp.9999: Permission
    SOLUTION: This error means that the web server didn't succeed in writing
    the working temporary file (file ended by .tmp.9999 where 9999 is a number)
    because of permissions problems.
    First check that the directory /workingpath has write permission for
    user nobody (default used user by apache on linux systems)
    or user IUSR_SERVERNAME (default used user by IIS on NT).
    With Unix, try with a path with no links.
    With NT, you must check NTFS permissions if your directory is on a NTFS
    With IIS, there is also a write permission attribute, defined in directory
    properties in your IIS setup, that you must check.
    With IIS, if a default cgi-bin directory was created during IIS install,
    try to put AWStats directly this directory.
    If this still doesn't work, you can change the DirData parameter to say
    AWStats that you want to use another directory (A directory you are sure
    that the default user, used by web server process, can write into).

    You can find more FAQs here:

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