URLScan and IIS6

From: Douglas Martin (lab_at_martinlab.com)
Date: 05/12/03

Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 09:33:13 -0700

I've upgraded one of my servers to W2K03 and installed
IIS6 on a fresh install, not an upgrade from W2K and
IIS5. I had been running URLSCAN 2.5 (I think) on that
box prior to the rebuild.

Is URLSCAN functionality built into IIS6 or should I
install the latest URLSCAN (is there a Win 2003 specific
verion out or due out)? What I have read just indicated
you better install URLSCAN on W2K/IIS5 prior
to "upgrading" your serve to W2K03/IIS6.