Re: Where is the IIS6 IISLockdown setup files located?

From: David A. Beck (
Date: 04/25/03

Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 13:34:05 -0700

Can you tell me how to do the 'in place upgrade'? I have
Win Server 2003 with IIS6. I extracted and installed
URLSCAN and checked the windows\system32\inetsrv\urlscan.
It put the dll and ini file there as it should with
logging turned on. However, even after a re-boot, the log
file does not appear. That is how the instructions tell
you to insure it is running.

David A. Beck
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>You only can have urlscan in IIS 6.0 if you do a in place
upgrade with
>urlscan installed.
>if you just donwload the iislockd.exe, it will not
install in your IIS6.0
>the setup will tell you that you 'cannot continue'....
>Bernard Cheah
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>> > You can install URLScan if you wish, it does have a
few features that
>> > not implemented in IIS6. You can't install
IISLockdown currently on
>> > you need to extract URLScan from IISLockdown and
install just Urlscan.
>> That is excellent to hear.
>> > Documentation on IIS6 security features is in your
Windows and IIS help
>> > files and at and
>> Thanks.