RE: IIS 4.0 Proxy 2.0 Open WWW Proxy

From: Martin (
Date: 04/17/03

From: "Martin" <>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 03:12:42 -0700

Hi Shawn.

Thanks for your response, I have checked the doc (207655)
you referred to - the "Send incoming requests to the
local server" option was not set, but setting and
restarting does not seem to improve things.

I will mail you the config (from my real email address) -
please keep this out of the forum, if that's OK.

Any light you can shed on this issue would be a great
help. I am wondering if it is because the default web
site is disabled, and they are running on a different
site. However, reverting back to the default site again
had no effect.

Many thanks for your assistance,