Re: Strange folders under Inetpub

From: BB (
Date: 04/15/03

From: "BB" <>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 10:01:58 +0800

You Cannot Delete a File or a Folder

especially - 120716

turn of ftp anonymous access if you are not using it,
make sure patch your server up to date, refer

you might not know what else the hacker might left behind, if
possible rebuilt entire machine.

Bernard Cheah
"Mark Schwartz" <> wrote in message
> I noticed a few strange folders under the Inetpub folder
> and was hoping someone could shed some light on them.
> folder was named " " (one space).  Folder 2 named "  " (2
> spaces). Folder 3 named "7" and folder 4 named ".
> tagged ; ."  I can not delete, rename, move, etc.. any of
> these folders.  McAfee did not detect any virus.  Any
> information will be helpful.