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From: Brian (
Date: 04/10/03

From: "Brian" <>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 06:11:50 -0700

I had similar issue first time I had to install Cert. My
problem was actually installing the wrong certificate. I
was installing the CA's cert. See article Q265847 for
more info if this helps.

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>Have you try these ?
>PRB: Error "Page Cannot Be Displayed" When You Connect
Through HTTPS
>HOW TO: Determine If SSL Connectivity Is Not Working on
the Web Server or on
>an Intermediate Device
>"Cannot find server" or "DNS" Errors When Using SSL (Q &
>if you do a netstat -an, do you see any binding of port
443 ?
>anything in eventlog ?
>Bernard Cheah
>"Frank Py" <> wrote in message
>> I have been tasked with using SSL for our default Web
site. I am using
>> Windows 2K Server and IIS. Having problems setting up
SSL just on my
>> default site. In my browser I type: https://MySite/ I
get "The page
>> cannot be displayed. Cannot find server or DNS error".
>> This is after I go to Default Web site, Directory
Security, Secure
>> Communications, Edit and set Require Secure Channel
>> I set up my own CA as a Stand Alone Root CA. Setup
certificate services.
>> I understand I need a "Server Certificate" This is
where I having
>> problems understanding. I requested, approved and
installed a
>> certificate, but how do I know its the right
certificate. I understand
>> there can be only one "Server Certificate". Help
appreciated. Thanks.
>> Frank
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