RE: exe's no longer download

From: Lisa Cozzens [MSFT] (
Date: 03/11/03

From: (Lisa Cozzens [MSFT])
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 01:18:22 GMT

The Lockdown Tool restricts access by the IUSR/IWAM accounts to .exe files
in your winnt\system32 directory -- that's those DenyAce entries that you
see in the log files. That should have no effect on your ability to
download .exe files from the web site.

The Lockdown Tool also installs URLScan, which restricts access to .exe
files, but if URLScan were preventing you from accessing those files, you
should see an HTTP 404 error instead of an HTTP 500 error.

A couple of things to try:
1. Check to make sure the directory containing the .exe files has Scripts
and Executables permissions (Properties -> Directory tab -> Execute
permissions). Otherwise, IIS will attempt to execute the file, instead of
sending it to the user.
2. In IE, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Show friendly HTTP
error messages. Make sure it is UNCHECKED. Then try downloading an exe file
again. You should get a more detailed error message.
3. Check your Event Viewer logs (Application and System) for any errors in

Hope this helps,

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> Subject: exe's no longer download
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> A while back I ran the IIS Lockdown wizard on my site. One of the
> options I implemented was for users not to be able to run exe files (in
> log file there are a host of DenyAce-- entries that I think show this)
> the site. Now my users can not download files with an 'exe' extension.
> links timeout with a http 500 error after a few minutes. I need to
> the ability for users to download exe's but I can't deteremine what
> changed based on the log files. I can not run the lockdown tool again to
> uninstall it from this server as it wreaks havoc on multi-homes servers
> running ISAPI filters (I know this from experience). So I need a way to
> manually reconfigure downloadable support for exe files.

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