Re: UrlScan available for IIS 6.0?

From: David Wang [Msft] (
Date: 02/27/03

From: "David Wang [Msft]" <>
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 11:06:41 -0800

This is a frequently asked question:
1. URLScan is not a part of IIS 6
2. Existing versions of URLScan can run on IIS 6, but you will have to
manually extract and run the URLScan installer.

A Lockdown tool is not needed for IIS6 because it already comes locked down.
Thus, you will not need URLScan to get secure -- you can run URLScan
optionally for defense in depth, though some URLScan features are not as
fine-grained as IIS6 features.

We will be providing information on common troubleshooting and some cures
for symptoms to help you open up only the necessary parts of the system for

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"Tomas Jeffries" <> wrote in message
It is part of IIS 6.0
"Brian Kuhn" <> wrote in message
> I have a server with the Beta 2 of Windows.NET Server 2003
> installed. I would like to have UrlScan installed, but IIS
> LockDown tool only applies to IIS 5. Does anyone know if
> there is going to be an IIS LockDown Tool available for
> IIS 6.0, and if UrlScan will be available as well?

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