Newest of newbies needs to know basics

From: samie (
Date: 02/27/03

From: "samie" <>
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 22:54:03 -0800

go to it will scan your
machine and tell u whats missing. However it may secure
it too tightly (if there is such a thing) and u may have
problems... so make sure u read the patches it recommends
and that u can revert back if u have to. You can see my
posting... I installed the updates and now have a few
problems with my FTP server.

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>I've got a IIS running XP on my home computer to serve
web pages on the net.
>Though everything works, I'm worried that it's totally
vulnerable. One
>indication that my security it hosed is that I can log
onto a virtual web
>with FrontPage and I don't need to type in a username and
password. I tried
>in vain to figure out how to set the username and
password for the
>directories in my wwwroot folder. I know nothing about
>permissions in Windows or IIS security in general. I'm
more of a programmer
>than an sys admin.
>So I need a crash course in securing my machine. Can
someone give me a few
>basics steps I should take? Anyone know of any good
resources on the net
>where I can bone up on IIS security?