Re: over writing default IWAM_<machinename> in ii4.0

From: Nagabhushana Reddy (
Date: 02/18/03

From:     Nagabhushana Reddy <>
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 17:40:41 -0800

Hi Karl,
Thanks for your response.

What I mean to overwirite IWAM_<machinename> user is, when I use system
function LookupAccountSid(in C++ code), it returns the
IWAM_<machinename> as the logged user when the call comes from ASP to my
API dll, instead of the domain logged in user to the system i.e
domainname\<logged user name>.

I do not want the LookupAccountSid function to return
IWAM_<machinename>. Instead it should return domainname\<logged user

To make it work, I am assuming that somewhere in NT4 we have facility
using which I can set the system to use domainname\<logged user name> as
default user instead of IWAM_<machinename> user. Though I found the
location to change this (by running DCOMCNFG and going to Web
Application Manager->Identity) But in spite of setting Identity for Web
Application Manager, I am unable to make my requirement work. i.e
LookupAccountSid returning domainname\<logged user name>.

Hope I am clear in my question.

Thanks, KCN Reddy

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