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Date: 01/30/03

From: "Karl Levinson [x y] mvp" <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 17:25:23 -0500


Before you post a question to a Microsoft.public.*.security newsgroup, you
should see the following collection of answers to common questions:

In many cases, you will be able to find the answer to your question
*immediately,* with no waiting, by searching this web page. Searching this
page before posting can also help you reduce the amount of spam in your
email inbox, since posting questions to this newsgroup can sometimes
broadcast your email address.

Long-time readers of this newsgroup are certainly welcome to post links to
this FAQ when answering questions, so that you might spend less of your time
answering common questions.

Other URLs that might be helpful include: [resetting a forgotten
Windows 2000/XP/NT password] [antivirus and antitrojan
programs; how to deal with viruses and trojans] [disabling the Outlook
feature that blocks unsafe attachments] [how to block pop-ups
including Messenger pop-ups & adware] [how to remove the IE
Content Advisor password] [how to investigate and
discover possible hacking / intrusions] [how to re-secure a
computer/server that has been hacked] [how to harden / secure a
Windows computer or IIS server] [inspecting and disabling
unwanted programs that launch with Windows] [firewall, IDS, IPsec and
packet filtering technologies] [file and disk encryption
software] [questions regarding EFS
encryption, including EFS file recovery] [spam prevention software
and techniques] [enabling Windows auditing] [how to investigate a
suspicious IP address] [how to report a hacking
event] [port scanners and
vulnerability scanners] [ways to filter / block /
monitor internet browsing of objectionable content] [how to delete a hacker's
FTP folder that cannot be deleted normally] [how to change the banner
used by various services including IIS web server] [questions and problems
with IIS URLScan] [using RUNAS to launch
programs as Administrator with no password, and allow users to change IP
address or run defrag] [resources for further
information and tools] [resources for further
information and tools]

Note that this is NOT a full list of all the questions answered in the FAQ.

HTH. Feedback, suggestions and criticism regarding the FAQ are welcome and
may be emailed to me.

kind regards,
Karl Levinson, CISSP, MCSE, MVP

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