Re: IIS Multiple IP range blocking

From: BB (
Date: 01/22/03

From: "BB" <>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 11:56:52 +0800

if you don't have a firewall then try to get one.
and for the time being. use IIS IP restriction.
use 'group of computers'. enter the network
id and netmask.

or you can use adsi script to help you.


"Eddie Shor" <> wrote in message
> Hello All,
> I was wondering how to input multiple domain ranges into
> IIS without doing it manually. I need this method or
> program to be very fast and be able to handle a lot of
> ranges at a time. For example, one of the countries I want
> to block is Russia, and my list of ranges for Russia is
> over 10,000 different IP ranges. It will take me literally
> months to input this manually, please help.
> For example, let's say I want to block the following
> ranges:
> -
> -
> -
> How would I block these through IIS 5.0 without manially
> inputting all of the IPs?
> Dee..