Re: How to transfer SSL Cert from NT4 server to w2k server?

From: BB (
Date: 01/20/03

From: "BB" <>
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 11:50:34 +0800

Not really. In NT4.0 there is always a PASSWORD. without it
you can generate the CSR.

In W2k. password can be apply while you export the cert
together with the private key. but it's doesn't apply anymore
while generating the CSR.

so unless you 'remember' the password, other solution is
ask thwate to give you a new one in w2k format, but there'll
be cost. try a simple one. '1234', 'ssl' or etc...

then use this kb to import


"Greg Deputy" <> wrote in message
> I have a windows NT 4.0 web server with a thawte SSL cert that I need to
> transfer to a windows 2000 server. The only way I can seem to export the
> SSL cert from the nt4 box is to export a backup file in the key manager.
> However, when I try to import the key manager backup file into the w2k box
> it asks me for a password, and the next button in the dialog is dimmed out
> until I provide something. There was no prompt for a password when I
> exported the cert from the 4.0 box, so there is no password as far as I
> know.
> Can anyone tell me how to get around this or how to transfer an SSL cert
> from an NT4 box to a W2k box?
> Thanks!

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