Re: multiple SSL sites using multihoming/DNS scheme

From: Stephen L Nicoud (
Date: 01/18/03

From: "Stephen L Nicoud" <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 20:45:14 -0500

How will the router/firewall know which FQDN was requested if the request is encrypted?

"Greg Gard" <> wrote in message news:BMOV9.711951$WL3.730016@rwcrnsc54...
> Hi All,
> Here's the question. I want to be able to host multiple SSL sites on my IIS
> 5.0 server. I've asked around some and searched here and there, but have
> only gotten one coherent means of doing this assuming that I don't want to
> use different port numbers. The scheme goes like this: Multiple domains
> mapped to one public IP that is a router/firewall or DNS server that maps
> the domain names to internal IPs (192.168...). I install multiple internal
> IPs on my NIC (multihomed) and then specify the different IPs in each
> SSL-enabled web site properties box. This requires each of my clients to buy
> a cert.
> Are there other ways of doing this. I was reading some of the other posts
> that mentioned wild-card certs that would allow me to have
> setups. I assume then that in this latter case, there
> would be only one SSL-enabled site that could accept any number of
> requests. Is this correct?
> Thanks in

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