RE: integrated authentication failing from remote site

From: Bruce Rhodewalt (
Date: 01/07/03

From:     Bruce Rhodewalt <>
Date: Mon, 06 Jan 2003 17:21:06 -0800

Thanks to you all for your suggestions. I have confirmed that Basic
authentication works. I have also used Netmon to compare the
transactions that occur during a session which correctly authenticates
(using IWA) and one which merely delivers an error to the user. The
difference is dramatic. I'll see what I can learn from that.

If it turns out that various proxy servers (some of which belong to ISPs
and so are completely outside of my control) are to blame, what are my
options? We can control the client, requiring MSIE 5.01 at least. We
do not want to configure each client beyond requiring a minimum version.
We will be going to SSL on the server eventually.

I do not want to leave Basic authentication in a production environment.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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