Re: IIS Licensing

From: Karl Levinson [x y] mvp (
Date: 10/29/02

From: "Karl Levinson [x y] mvp" <>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 16:55:16 -0500

"Leigh" <> wrote in message
> I'm trying figure out the licensing scheme for win2K
> clients that attach to IIS5. Is it true that anonymous
> internet clients do not require a CAL and only
> authenticated users? So, if we were to have users login
> to get information, would they require CAL
> authentication?

Yes, that's my understanding from a previous post here. The previous post,
if you can find it, included a URL link to a page that
confirms this.

And if you use MS SQL server in your website, you may also need SQL server
CALs depending on how your SQL licensing is set up.