DMZ and forms

From: JVanmeer (
Date: 10/29/02

From: "JVanmeer" <>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 13:51:39 -0800

I assume you are using TCP/IP for your communication
inside your DMZ. Use a IPX connection to your database
box. You may have to intsal an additional network card on
both machines to run the other protocol but I believe one
card can support both. The IPX should be able to go cross
networks on two different subnets without other dmz
machines seeing the database.
>-----Original Message-----
>I hope someone can help.
>I have an IIS Server 4.0 in a DMZ. I want to collect
>using forms and send the data to a database. I don't
>the IIS Server to be part of the domain because of
>security reasons.
>Does anyone know how to send database to a folder in
>domain from an IIS Server?

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