Re: IIS Server slowdown

From: Karl Levinson [x y] \(MVP\) (
Date: 10/10/02

From: "Karl Levinson [x y] \(MVP\)" <>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 16:36:12 -0400

I'm sorry, I can't resist pointing out that 280 isn't more than double 150.

Adding additional services to a machine can impact performance, depending on
the condition of the machine, the software, and the load on the services.
280ms is still a fast ping.

Internet response times can vary from minute to minute. If you want an
accurate measure of performance, you should really want to either ping from
another computer right on the same local network, or choose one or more
additional metrics for measuring performance, like maybe CPU load, memory
usage, office software response time and startup time, etc. Use
CTRL-ALT-DELETE to bring up Task Manager, click on CPU and/or Mem Usage to
sort the processes by CPU and/or Mem Usage, and look for [I think it is]
DLLHOST.EXE A high number here could indicate excessive web requests from
the internet, or a worm attack, or a worm infection, or a hack attack, etc.

If the machine is not completely secure with all software service packs,
security patches, antivirus with the latest updates, firewall, etc, it could
be that the machine is infected with a worm. Run an antivirus program
[there are free ones on the web such as], a firewall
program such as the free one at, and download and run
HFNETCHK and/or MBSA from to look for security
issues and missing patches, if you haven't already. There's a lot more you
could do like scandisk, defrag, etc. but I guess that's enough for now.
Naturally this all should be done on the machine with IIS installed.

Before you do too much work, let me emphasize that 130 ms variation on the
internet from the UK to Denmark could very well be normal and no cause for

"Daz" <> wrote in message
> Has anyone had any experience of a ping to a machine more
> than doubling after installed IIS on a winxp pro machine?
> Friend of mine in Denmark has installed it and the ping
> of the the clan members in the uk has gone from around
> 150 to about 280.
> Any ideads would be helpfull
> Cheers