.NET Helps

From: Daniel (talldaniel@yahoo.com)
Date: 10/07/02

From: "Daniel" <talldaniel@yahoo.com>
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2002 21:30:16 -0700


I run into the following problem when I try to view the
helps and examples on the .net quickstart. If I follow
the directions in the error message, then I get the
error, "unrecognized command sourceview." (I can't
remember the exact syntax of the error) IT is referring
to the entry that the first error message tells me to do.

It seems nearly impossible to deal with the security stuff
and get a simple webpage working. I was reading the helps
trying to find out how to do that, but there is a bit of a
catch 22. The help files installed in such a way that
they do not work.

"Source Viewer Error: cannot show this file

Either the file does not exist, or your configuration
settings for the source viewer do not allow files in this
directory to be viewed. To edit the configuration
settings, see the web.config file at the root of the
quickstart directory. Change the <sourceview> setting to
point at the root directory of the quickstart. All files
under this directory will be accessible to the source

      <add key="root" value="c:\Program
Files\Microsoft.Net\FrameworkSDK\Samples\Quickstart" />