Re: Is this a security issue?

From: Consultant® (
Date: 10/03/02

From: "Consultant®" <>
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 13:18:38 -0700

they scan for well known ports, in your case 80. the simple fact is, you are
adding another possible breach while you are connected to the network and
running web services. you are all patched right now, but do you keep on top
of security fixes either thru subscription or windows update? have you
hardened your box to the IT groups standards?

"Henry C" <> wrote in message
> I am running Win NT (all patches/updates) desktop behind a firewall, with
> Novel as the LAN software. I was using the optional Personal Web server
> testing some ASP pages until the IT people (who see my group as
> informed us there were security problems using PWS.
> I am looking for an objective reason why running PWS would or would not
> compromise security. Is running PWS on a desktop behind a firewall a
> security risk? Why? Talk down to me as I am alittle slow.
> My sense is that if a hacker was good enough to breach the firewall, he
> would be going after the servers and not wasting his/her talents with my
> desktop.
> Thanks.