Re: Anonymous works 1 Day ??

From: Thomas Deml [MS] (
Date: 09/27/02

From: "Thomas Deml [MS]" <>
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 13:40:03 -0700


is the machine member of a domain and does the domain apply group policy? It
seems that a group policy takes away the "logon locally" right from the IUSR
account. This right is needed for IIS to logon the anonymous user though.

Either you ask your domain admin to exclude the IIS machine from the group
policy or you change the way IIS logs on the anonymous user. There is no UI
to change the logon method. You would have to do it via script, e.g.
c:\inetpub\adminscripts\adsutil set w3svc/logonmethod 3
This changes the logonmethod to "NETWORK_CLEARTEXT" which is default in IIS
If it doesn't work you can reset this by entering the following command:
c:\inetpub\adminscripts\adsutil delete w3svc/logonmethod

Hope this helps.

Thomas Deml
Lead Program Manager
Internet Information Services
Microsoft Corp.

"Stephane Leleu" <> wrote in message
> Hi there...
> I have a Windows 2000 adv. server with SP3 running IIS
> (domain member).
> Anonymous access is done with the integrated IUSR_...
> local user.
> Anonymous access can be done for a few hours then I get
> a "Access Denied" error.
> When restarting IIS service, it works for a few another
> hours.
> Event log says W3SVC Warning : "the user doesn't have the
> required logon permission to log on this computer..."
> What's wrong ??