Re: VisualInterDev (IIS?)

From: Ken Schaefer (
Date: 09/03/02

From: "Ken Schaefer" <>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 11:17:12 +1000

Did you look in the Windows Event Log?


"Michael Davidson" <> wrote in message
> When I try to "Release Working Copy" of my website to publish out to
> server I get the following message:.
> I am using Visual Studio 6.0.   If you can help, after reading this post,
> please add as much detail as possible.  I am new to setting up server
> I am using Windows XP Pro on the PC with VS6.0 sp5  installed.
> I can do a "Get Working Copy" but can't release it back to the master web
> without getting this message.  The funny thing is that sometimes it seems
> update some files but not all of them.  Maybe it is only having trouble
> changed files.
> I am unable to Release Working Copy to my master web.  I get the following
> messsage:
> ------------
> Unable to update the file 'C:\WEBS\MYWEB\MYWEB_LOCAL\Header.htm'.  Server
> Error:  An error occured accessing your FrontPage web files.  Authors - If
> authoring against a web server, please contact the webmaster for this
> server's site.  Webmasters - please see the server's system log for more
> details.
> I do not have FrontPage installed on this PC.  But, I have installed
> server extensions.  I would install FP2002 but the Microsoft website is
> fouled up at the moment and I can't get an Engish version of FP2002 Server
> Extensions.
> Thanks for any assistance.
> Michael