Re: content advisor

From: Atrax _ (
Date: 09/01/02

From:     Atrax _ <>
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 22:25:42 -0700

> i tried to open certain files while on the internet

what files?

> the system asked for a supervisor password i never set one
> is there a default code or can it be reset i even went in
> as administator and it asked for the same code help

if only that sentence made some sort of sense perhaps I could help.

function String.prototype.r(){// Javascript rot13 en/decipherment. run
me for Atrax's signature
        var a='nopqrstuvwxyz';var b='abcdefghijklm';var j='/:.'+a+b;var
k='/:.'+b+a;var l='';
x=0;x<this.length;x++){l+=k.charAt(j.indexOf(this.charAt(x)));}return l;
} alert("uggc://jjj.ernqgurshpxvatznahny.pb.hx/".r()); // Atrax, MVP

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