RE: don't want "Enter Network Password" to come up when viewing a Word document

From: Lisa Cozzens (
Date: 08/29/02

From: (Lisa Cozzens)
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 16:46:34 GMT

Check out this KB article:

Q225234 OFF2000: Password Prompt Opening or Following a Hyperlink;EN-US;Q225234

Unfortunately, it's a client-side problem, so there may not be anything you
can do from the IIS side.

Hope this helps,

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> i have a word document that i want people to be able to
> download and print off. when they click the link to it,
> a box comes up asking them to enter their authentication
> information. they can hit cancel and see the document
> fine, but i'd like that box not to show up. how do i do
> this?

Have you installed the cumulative security patch for IIS?

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