Re: Access Denied in IIS

From: David Chase (
Date: 08/09/02

From: "David Chase" <>
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002 17:05:00 -0500

I think you need full permissions (e.g. write) to open Access databases.
Maybe IIS web overrides the std folders.

"Dr Hapgood" <> wrote in message
> PS. Authentication method is Basic, but I have tried Anon and Integrated !
> "Dr Hapgood" <> wrote in message
> news:#0fq0UwPCHA.772@tkmsftngp12...
> > Hello,
> >
> > I am an administrator on an NT4 network and I am having problems with my
> > and NT4 Server permissions.
> >
> > The problem is this:
> >
> > I have a Website with a virtual directory, in the virtual directory, I
> have
> > a database and some asp pages. On the directory permissions are Read and
> > Script the default IIS settings.
> >
> > I have run the IIS resource kit with the permission check htm page and
> > results say I have permission on all the files, I am a Domain Admin and
> > Domain Admins have log on locally plus I have added every single
> > permission/group/user necessary to stop me not even having the remotest
> > possibility of not being able to get at it. the file is not read only,
> is
> > an access database and also I have Access installed on the said server.
> >
> > My problem is this, I have Dreamweaver Ultradev on my PC and when I put
> > connection script in (on my PC) to connect to database on the server and
> > click test , I get the error message "Access Denied"
> >
> > I am using the radio button of use driver on the server
> >
> > This is crazy I have all access going, but I am pulling my hair out, can
> > anyone
> >
> > I have tried it using a system DSN I set up on the server but get same
> error
> > message when I try to connect !
> >
> >

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