Get Client Certificate on non-English System Locale Server

From: JH Shao (
Date: 08/08/02

From: "JH Shao" <>
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002 00:41:14 -0700

Hi, All,

Have you tried to get a client certificate with IIS
running on a non-English System Locale Server?

As you know, we can get a client certificate in ASP with


When the server's (Windows 2000 Professional) system
locale is set to English, there is no problem to get the
client certificate. After that, I use base64 to encode it
and send the encoded text to our own security server for
verification. Everything works fine.

Then, the same server's system locale is set to Chinese.
It turns out the same client certificate is no longer

The problem is because the binary certificate returned by
the above API is about 30% different from that when the
system locale is English. After converting the unicode
characters to ASCII characters, the certificate is still
10% different from the first one.

Does IIS support non-English system locale for the above
API call? Or must IIS run on English platform for this?

Please advise. Thanks!