OWA & IIS - HELP!!!! http: error 403

From: Ahmed (Ahmeds@businessautomation.com)
Date: 08/07/02

From: "Ahmed" <Ahmeds@businessautomation.com>
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 07:47:58 -0700

Http frinedly errors disabled. Browsed back to page with
problem and now, the message I get is " DIRECTORY LISTING

Authentication info:

If you log on to the IIS server with an Admin account, it
does work.

Background info:
This problem started Monday morning - that is
when became aware of it. As far as anything having
changed, to the best of my knowledge, nothing has because
I am the only one that touches this server.

This is how we are set up:
Proxy 2.0, IIS and OWA all reside on a Winnt4.0 (sp6)

What I have done so far;
I have replaced Exchfilt.dll,
uninstalled and re-installed OWA and checked the OWA
permissions as per Q175892.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Yesterday's post follows:

>-----Original Message-----
>Need more information....
>The 403 is just telling us Access Denied, But we need to
know why and if
>there's just that content.
>So first turn off HTTP Friendly Error's from the Tools,
Internet Options,
>Advance Tab and Browsing Sub Cat.... Uncheck it there and
restart IE.
>Now browse back out to the page causing you problem and
tell us what the
>error says, make note of the page you are browsing to.
>Along with that, we need to know the Authentication
configuration of the
>IIS server. If you log in with an Admin account does this
work? Etc..
>Also, background information would be helpful...
>When did this start happening? What changed? etc...
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