Re: W32.Klez.gen@mm

From: Michael Laing (
Date: 07/18/02

From: (Michael Laing)
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 18:08:15 GMT

Hi Monique,

Have a look at this article online. It explains how to prevent the effects
of the W32.Klez.gen@mm virus.


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| Unfortunately, no.
| You may be able to set up a filter in your email client software to
| automatically move these emails [e.g. emails containing "klez"] to the
| and/or respond with a canned response that you are not responsible, but
| personally I would rather see the emails and respond manually.
| "Monique Lefebvre" <> wrote in message
| news:177b701c22dff$0dca0910$37ef2ecf@TKMSFTNGXA13...
| > Is there anything I can do to stop getting returned e-mail
| > notices that I never sent? Some of them say they are
| > infected with this virus.

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