Re: How to set up access to IIS server for class students ?

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Date: 07/16/02

From: "x y" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 07:39:22 -0400

I agree... one IIS server, multiple home directories, and some way for the
students to copy their files to their folder. You definitely want to be
sure to secure the IIS server using the checklist at
including iislockdown and urlscan. You also want to secure the FTP server
by using secure NTFS folder permissions including not allowing any anonymous
users to be able to both read and write to any one folder, and if you use
FTP to let the students copy the files, remember that the passwords are
passed in plaintext and some students probably know how to use sniffers.
You could consider using Windows networking instead of FTP to copy files.

"Nick Wilkerson" <> wrote in message
> You could setup your windows 2000 IIS box with ftp server
> so your students could access the server and test their
> scripts. depending on the size of the class, you could
> give each student thier own logon to the IIS server and
> they could connect with any ftp client available. This
> would also give you the option to let every student have
> their own user directory on the server to test on. Just a
> thought.
> Nick
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> >This Fall, we are planning to set up a class on ASP
> w/VBScript.
> >The problem is that while we can setup a dedicated
> machine with
> >IIS server running, it may not be possible to run IIS on
> every
> >machine in this college (and hence, the students will
> not have
> >server side access to ASP scripts).
> >
> >Are there any ideas as to how could I let students test
> their
> >ASP scripts (the scripts should be able to access
> databases on
> >the server).
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> >Please post reply here on the newsgroup. Please do not
> email me.
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> >Thanks,
> >Gopal Agrawal
> >Dept. Information Technology, Texas A&M University
> (Texarkana).
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