Re: Permissions for FTP service running on W2K member server

From: Stephen L Nicoud (
Date: 05/23/02

Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 07:55:13 -0700
From: Stephen L Nicoud <>

Chuck wrote:
> I have a Windows 2000 member server that is running IIS. I have created
> several FTP virtual directories that use local accounts for NTFS
> permissions. When I try to connect to the FTP server, the username and
> passwords are accepted but I cannot connect to the virtual directory. If I
> change the directories' NTFS permissions to use the domain accounts instead
> of local accounts, it works properly. In both cases, I have tried using
> <computername>/<username> or <domain>/<username> for the FTP username.
> What is going on? I don't want to use the domain accounts as the username
> and password are sent in clear text. I would prefer to use local guest
> accounts with limited access privileges.
> Any advice is appreciated
> Thanks
> Chuck

Make sure the local accounts have the "Log on locally" right on the FTP

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