Re: MS02-018 Breaking ASP ODBC

From: Richard Donovan (
Date: 05/23/02

From: "Richard Donovan" <>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 10:03:52 -0400

Sounds like a repeat of some earlier problems from last summer. I don't
know if any of this will work, but you could try going to Internet
Information Services, Home Directory tab, Configuration, App Mappings and
see if .asp is still mapped to asp.dll. Also, if I remember correctly (and
age IS an issue), it seems like there was some magic in setting application
protection (Home Directory tab) to Low. This is all an attempt to remember
stuff from a year ago. Hope it helps, or at least does no harm.

"Chris Maher" <> wrote in message
> We've started experiencing asp pages hanging just recently
> after installing the latest security hotfixes as of April
> 11, 2002. At the same time asp pages are failing to
> respond, .html files are being served fine. Nothing shows
> in any of the logs. We're not sure what to do next.
> Anyone with any information? Thanks!
> >-----Original Message-----
> >Just installed the MS02-018 hot fixes and ran the
> lockdown tool and It has
> >caused me two problems:
> >
> >1) IIS 5 web server can't be contacted. I can't view it
> with MMC (just
> >hangs) and can't stop/start the
> >service, it just says 'Starting'. I was smart and Backed
> up my Metabase
> >before the patch and that fixed that problem.
> >
> >2) But now my asp pages can no longer connect to the
> Oracle Database, they
> >load some VB components that fail to connect to my Oracle
> database. The MS
> >ODBC Driver for oracle complains that the oracle client
> is not installed.
> >However, it is, I can successfully connect with the ODBC
> test program. I
> >tried turning on object access and file auditing, but the
> logs showed no
> >failed access attempts. Uninstalling the patch did not
> help. I finally gave
> >up and re-stored the server from a clean backup.
> >
> >This is the first time in a long time that I have had
> problems with any MS
> >service packs or patches, but this just killed one our
> production servers. I
> >want to install the patch since we try the keep up to
> date with all of the
> >security patches on our web servers, but I can't keep re-
> storing from my
> >backups. I have read that others are also having problems
> with this patch,
> >Is there going to be a new release? Has anyone else had
> this same problem
> >and is there a fix?
> >
> >
> >
> >Thank You in Advance,
> >
> >
> >
> >.
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