Re: Protect dll from Use

May be you need obfuscation
this can "protect" you from diassembling

"Essam-ag" <Essam-ag@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:E62E9168-613E-4FC4-888D-D5A26DFB554F@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I was search all this week about someway to protect dll files from use
from unauthorized user, that when I create library in and put
my methods in dll files I want just me to use this dll.
but when distribute last executable program that use this dll, maybe
someone take this dll and use it.

I read about StrongNameIdentityPermissionAttribute in Microsoft CAS

but they said it not useful in .net framework 3.5 and protect way just
used in old release
then I read about Publisher Certifications and try it using test
certificate but it look like it just use to make my application from
known source not to protect dll from use..

I appreciate any help in this field
Thanks in advance