DEP Compliance

I have a C# .Net application (both an EXE and a DLL) that I want to make DEP
compliant. I have been searching for instructions of how to do this, and I
just keep coming up empty.

My application contacts my DLL that makes a SOAP connection over to Exchange
Web Services (EWS) and asks for calendar information for a User ID that does
not exist in our Domain - that's perfectly OK! My unit tests expect a
SOAP/Web Exception because the User ID is not in our Domain. My EXE will
just loop around using the next User ID (which actually DOES EXIST this time)
and make the SOAP connection to EWS and successfully get the calendar info.

This all works just fine on Windows XP, but when I moved over onto Windows
Vista (where DEP compliance is on my default), I get the dreaded "Windows has
closed this program..."

I want to make my C# .Net EXE and DLL compliant, but I just don't know what
to do?

Can anyone help me out there? I've got my company's VP stopping by my
cubicle every day asking, "Figure it out yet???"