Re: IE7 / Vista - hosted UserControl fails to load (must run as admin)

"James" <j DOT w AT zoom DOT co DOT uk> wrote in message

I'm running IE7 on Vista. When I browse to one of our Intranet pages that
hosts a .net 2 UserControl it fails to load. If I run IE as admin, it
loads and works fine.

Note - The control makes webservice calls

Could someone please advise why this is the case, I really need this to
work for regular users - it does work fine for regular users on IE7, with


Additional info - I actually have three user controls, one works, two fail
to load unless IE is run as admin. They all make webservice calls to the
Intranet, but the one that works is calling back to the site it came from,
the others call different intranet servers. Could that be the reason? If so,
can i change somethign to allow all user to access those sites?